Specifications - Single Motor Cats

Vessel Type 5.5m Single Motor Cat 5.3m Single Motor Cat 4.6m Single Motor Cat
Use & Name Dept. of Transport
Work Boat
"Reel to Reel"
Fishing Charters
"Sweer's Island"
Hire Boats
Beam 2.40m 2.30m 2.20m
Hull Bottoms 5mm 5083 Plate 5mm 5083 Plate 4mm 5083 Plate
Sides 2.5mm 5052 Plate 2.5mm 5052 Plate 2.5mm 5052 Plate
Floor 2.5mm 5052 Plate Clip-together Section Clip-together Section
Self Drain Floor Standard Standard Standard
Weight (Hull) 890kg 680kg 400kg
Configuration Centre Console Centre Cab Tiller Steer
Fuel Capacity 160 litres 160 litres n/a
Recommended Power Min 90HP - Max 150HP Min 70HP - Max 140HP Min 40HP - Max 75HP
Aluminium or Galvanized Trailer Either Either Either


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